Been To Disneyland Lately?

Nobody does customer service better than Disney. Nobody!

I just returned from presenting at a conference on Disney property in Orlando, Florida - and I have a few insights to share.Now, I grew up in Southern California and went to Disneyland a lot. As a kid - it was magical! I remember being wowed by the sights of everything Disney. This year is Disney's 50th Anniversary and their theme for this year is 'the Magical Journey'. From the minute I stepped on to Disney's Magical Express to travel to my hotel, till I waved a final see ya real soon to Mickey, it was... well, still magical.

This time I noticed something I was too young to care about as a kid. I was struck by the 'journey' that they kept telling me I was on. That's what they called it - the Journey the magical journey. When I went to breakfast I was encouraged to enjoy a 'magical meal'. On my way to my workshop room they called after me to have a 'magical meeting' and when I called the front desk to arrange a wake-up call, the soothing voice on the other end, invited me to fall into a 'magical sleep'.

And the Cast Members (what else would you call people who are guiding you through a magical journey) directed, instructed, encouraged and served me every step of my stay. When I got lost, going looking for my themed dinner destination, they took me there. When I needed to check on my flight - they took care of it. It was clear that they knew where I was supposed to be going and I relaxed into their leadership, happy not to have to worry too much about the final destination.

Now, I'm a big girl and I know that the ultimate goal of Disney shareholders is to pry as much of my money away from me as they can. But they get to their goal by lavishly, and unapologetically taking me on a journey that caters to my needs. And that my friends is nothing short of brilliant!

If you've been in a workshop with me you know that I talk a lot about change leaders speaking to the 'me' issues early and creating a 'story' for the change; a descriptive 'picture' of the end goal - the organizational equivalent of Disney's magical journey.

A good goal story:

  • Is compelling - it captures your imagination
  • Pulls people towards the goal
  • Speaks to what your heart desires
  • Is told by everyone, all the time
  • Is stamped on everything the traveler touches and is related to everything the traveler experiences

So, have you got a story for your next change initiative? No? Better get one quick. Leading change is heart work. Before you leave the station with your team, borrow a page from Mickey and take time to grab their imaginations. If you want help crafting your change story - give me a call.

My telephone number is 905-659-6683.