Do You Believe in Santa?

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like, you guessed it - Christmas! What do you believe about this season? Some would say that, it's the most wonderful time of the year. These happy folks point to a celebration of God's goodness in sending joy, peace and love to we mortals, via the baby Jesus.

Looking around at the rising commercialism, rampant greed and frazzled families, straining to have the Hallmark Christmas, others would say that it's the worst possible time of the year.

Beliefs are powerful. Whatever you believe about the season will dictate how you think, feel and ultimately respond to the season's claims and activities. If you see this time of year as magical; a time when giving takes on new meaning and families reach out to each other, then those beliefs will prompt you to soften your judgments, open your wallet and arms to those you love and those in need around you.

Our beliefs serve as our mental operating systems. They kick in whenever we're faced with choices. Should we - shouldn't we? Do we - don't we? Our belief systems are in place by the time we are about 5 years old, and - for many - are never challenged. Our beliefs are a composite of our experiences and the sense we make of the things we have seen, done and had done to us. As small children - we live life, and then draw conclusions. If we were lucky, and life was good from birth to kindergarten, then our beliefs tend to be positive and life affirming. If we spent our formative years with negative or hurtful influences, then we often decide that life is painful and people - and the things they say - aren't to be trusted. Even if those people are Santa.

What do you believe? All of life's decisions get passed through the ole belief system and we need to dust ours off to make sure the beliefs we're operating on today are relevant, accurate and make sense for us now that we are adults.

If you can't change what you believe- you can't change! Let me leave you with a challenge. Take a look at what you believe about this season and ask yourself if what you believe needs updating. Then challenge yourself to learn, or participate in, one new thing this season that you've never done before or don't know much about. Then stand back and watch your belief system upgrade itself!