Coaching Clinic for Health Care Leaders

Today’s health care environment demands that individuals, and their organizations, perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before.

Peggy Grall & The Hire Net.Work is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to an advanced communications and coaching skills program for health care organizations that are committed to challenging their leaders and managers to raise their standards, engage their teams, and improve their leadership effectiveness.

This dual component program consists of a two-day workshop (The Coaching Clinic®) with options for either an additional three months of individual coaching for attendees or group teleclasses. In the workshop, participants are given a new tool chest of coaching skills and over the following three months if the participants exercise the option(s), they are coached through the process of integrating their new skills into their own style and work place role. Coaching

Clinic Participants will:
  • Discover coaching as a communication and leadership model.
  • Develop competency in core coaching skills that can be implemented immediately, through experiential learning and peer practice sessions.
  • Understand and apply the Coaching Conversation Model® - an intentional conversation process that provides structure and creates conversation with tangible outcomes.
  • Experience one-on-one leader coaching to use the skills learned in the workshop with each individual participant’s style of leadership and communication.

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